Portland Coalition Against Poverty Achieves Three Days of Action!

Posted in Housing Working Group on October 2, 2008 by pdxcap

In memory of the 2 year anniversary of the death of James Chasse, Portland Coalition Against Poverty declared three days of action against houselessness and police abuses. On Monday, September 15th, PCAP held our third housing forum, at First Unitarian Church. Attendance was healthy (20 folks or so) and the meeting broke up into two groups. Folks were enthusiastic about establishing squats and confronting the systems of dominance that were oppressing them. They were also interested in bringing some perspective shift to the public on the issue of houselsesness. The energy was high and it was very exciting. The next night, September 16th, we held a Know Your Rights training at PSU in Food For Thought CafĂ©, to spread knowledge about the pernicious force of evil that is the police, and provide strategies for confronting those dastardly devils. It went off pretty well, with strong attendance again, in the low twenties. A lot of side conversation took place, which enabled networking and helped spread resource knowledge. On the 17th, the two year anniversary of Chasse’s death, we held a picket at Portland Police Bureau. This gutsy move met with little more than dirty looks from mean tempered cops, impotent to halt our peaceful display of free speech. In all, a kicking three days of action and some positive steps in building community power.

See the video on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zR_M6T9lt5M

From the Ground Up – Fourth Housing Forum, October 15th.

The next PCAP Housing Forum is on October 15th at 6pm at First Unitarian Church (1011 SW 12th Ave.) We’ll be feeding folks and building on the ideas of the last forums, as we barrel toward implementing some change, from the ground up. Spread the word! We’ll be feeding delicious food for the people and rocking inclusive goal based discussions about community power.


Portland Coalition Against Poverty Wins Victories at The Plaza

Posted in Housing Working Group on August 22, 2008 by pdxcap

The Portland Coalition Against Poverty won its first few victories in
its Direct Action Casework campaign recently. At The Plaza Townhomes,
tenant organizers Sylvia Evans and Ashley Price were being targeted
with excessive eviction notices and the threat of rent raises. The
Plaza is a Section 8 subsidized housing complex administered by
Cascade Management. Cascade is in a position to remove rent subsidies
from tenants if they are accused of violating the reporting guidelines
for Section 8. It can also evict tenants with 30 days notice if they
are accused of violating their lease and can’t adequately defend
themselves. A lot of power is concentrated in the hands of Rachel
Smith, the property manager, Rachel Elliot, the HUD compliance
specialist at Cascade, and Darla Lull, who oversees properties for
Cascade. During 4 days of intense negotiations, we pressured them to
rescind the eviction notice against Sylvia, and enabled Ashley to keep
her rent subsidy. Conditions at The Plaza violate the HUD housing
code, and we informed the Portland Mercury. They wrote an article
about it which you can find here
We’re continuing to work in The Plaza to put power back in the hands
of the tenants.

Housing Forum Called for the 15th of August

Posted in Housing Working Group on August 13, 2008 by pdxcap

On the Streets? Poor? Sick of Broken Promises?

Power sleeps on the streets
We believe in working together to figure out what we need and how we can get it. The forum is the first step in that process. By joining together to listen to each other, we can figure out what needs we share. By learning to work together and offer support, everyone becomes stronger and safer. So come make solutions from the bottom up! Chat about your experiences and learn the needs of others at the Portland Coalition Against Poverty Housing Forum. Then get started building campaigns that meet your needs.

A few things to think about:
There are enough empty buildings in Portland to house everyone who sleeps outside.
There is enough vacant land in Portland to feed everyone who is hungry.
Rights are not given or taken away. They are used, or they don’t exist.
Know your rights.

Housing Forum
August 15th at 7pm
Under the East Side of the Hawthorne Bridge

Food Will Be Served
All Are Welcome

Power is the Ability to Enact Change
All Power to the Poor!

Hands Off the Poor Demonstration Unites Housed and Houseless

Posted in Housing Working Group on July 23, 2008 by pdxcap

Hands off the Poor, a demonstration in response to police abuses against the poor and houseless, rallied members of the downtown community in an energetic and empowering display of force. The message was loud and clear: We will not allow the poor and houseless to be brutalized.

See our press release and demonstration follow-up, which provides information on what initiated the protest and community-directed action related to the sweeps.

The next forum will be held August 15th at 7pm, under the East Side of the Hawthorne Bridge.